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HELP! At a dead end with my (lack of) answers

Hello all,

For around 10-15 years I have struggled with mildly increased bowel movements, "million wiper" sticky poops, and flatulence. I rarely have full blown diarrhea (less than once every five years) and I have no pain at all. I had a single perianal abscess/fistula 7 years ago, but I have had every test under the sun for Crohn's (including capsule endoscopy, fecal calprotectin, two colonoscopies, CRP, MRE, etc) and everything has been normal. Even my GIs are stumped as the capsule is the defining test to rule out Crohns. I have had no further problems with my butt, so they say it was a cryptogladular fistula (my uncle had one too). This isnt too surprising since I would often let my bowel movements just sit in my anus, so clogging the pores isnt a surprise. But Im still have sticky poops that require a million wipes.

Its important to note that Ive been on the SCD diet for 9 months and I was on the diet during my MRE, capsule and calprotectin tests. I have noticed that my wiping problem has been worse on the SCD diet. Im uncertain of what to do, since the SCD diet makes my symptoms worse, but I also have this (likely irrational) fear that the tests came up negative for Crohns because the SCD diet healed it...but thats not possible right? Particularly given that my symptoms remain? I have tried psyllium husk/metamucil as well but it just gives me craps and loose stools. I do not get cramps otherwise.

My symptoms have also not gotten any significantly worse or better over the past decade and a half. I did try cholestrymine for a month. For the first two weeks I felt like all of my GI issues were cured! But it seemed to stop working. Does that suggest bile acid diarrhea might be the issue?

Gallbladder problems run in my family and my uncle (the aforementioned uncle who had the fistula) needed his gallbladder removed. He also doesnt have Crohns. But whenever I bring up gallbladder my GI docs (Ive got to five!) blow me off since I dont have upper right quadrant pain (my uncle didnt either, but he suffered from constipation).

Any help is greatly appreciated! I feel like Ive tried everything.

  1. Ive got stomach pain for the last 3.5 months and even though I don't have right quad pain Im scheduled for a HIDA scan for gallbladder. Ive had every test too and its all negative. SO.... I should be feeling great, right? NOPE!

    1. Unfortunately, it does go like sometimes. Keep advocating for yourself, and someone will hear you. I hope you find help soon. Best wishes, Michaela ( Team Member)

  2. I had gallstones/inflamed gall bladder and believe me, you would know if you had either of these. It can be most painful. The pain is in the upper right quadrant; mine felt like it was coming from the back around to the front!! I used to be bent over trying to find ways to relieve the pain. I ended up having to have mine removed.
    As someone that has suffered with IBS for over 30 years, been in hospital for various tests, and been diagnosed with lactose intolerance and bile malabsorption, I understand your frustrations. The one thing I would suggest; stop self diagnosing, that's what the professionals are the for.
    I hope you get your problems sorted. Take care.

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