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Having to go 5-6 times a day

Hi - I have to go 5 - 6 times a day and most of it during mornings. I usually wake up around 6 am because i have to go and then i have to go every hour or so in the mornings. Ive tried many medications for this and nothing seems to help me. Has anyone else had this issue?

  1. Thanks for sharing and reaching out. Be sure to speak with your doctor about any new, changing or concerning symptoms, if you haven't already. I hope others here share their experiences. In addition to speaking with your doctor, this article may be helpful: Wishing you some relief ahead. Best, Kelly, Team Member

    1. Hi Bobby123, I had a similar problem although I had to go 5-6x a day. In the AM always 2-3x, but I never had to wake up to go. If I am not careful with my evening meals/snacks I pay for it the next day. Keep track of what you’re eating at night. Everything is different for each of us and I have found out that one persons mitigation does not work for someone else.
      Good luck.

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