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I have gurgling all through the abdomen. You can actually hear it across a room.. Happens about 20 min. after I eat. Then comes the diarrhea. The meds I take haven't helped. Do others have this?

  1. Hi, Susieoo9fl - you're definitely not alone with the gurgling sounds! While we wait for others to chime in with their experiences, I thought you'd appreciate this article about one of our contributor's experience with the gurgles: Hope this helps! - Chris, Team Member

    1. The last few days i’ve had on and off gurgles it is driving me insane. My health anxiety has been playing up making me over think causing me to annoy the doctors! I have now accepted this is my IBS and it is very frustrating! I know exactly how you feel and i want these stomach gurgles to go away 😓 Hope you are coping

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