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Has anyone noticed their GERD or IBS flaring up since regularly using a face mask?

A coworker mentioned all day use of face mask causes her to become nauseous. In reply I stated my GERD was acting up and she said hers was too. Someone she ran into over the weekend told her they have to use a face shield because the masks upset her stomach. Two weeks ago I had a three day flare-up. Is it possible the face masks can cause these issues to flare-up?

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    This is a really interesting question and thank you for asking it. I have not had this particular issue with the mask (although I do hate wearing it). However, I can see somehow how this might happen. Perhaps someone else will chime in with their experience. Thank you for sharing and I hope you are well today. -Todd, Team

    1. I had worsening of my ibs-d beginning of lockdown since April and hasn’t subsided, am so stressed with it

      1. You are not alone here yougwai. So many here can relate. Stress and change in routine may trigger a flare and lockdown certainly caused that for many. Hope you are able to find some routines that bring relief. Wishing you the best. Kelly, Team Member

    2. I’ve experienced exact same feeling nauseous and sometimes even faint when wearing mask always flares my stomach up

      1. I also feel nauseous and faint and hot when wearing the mask. My IBS has been worse in the past year. So much gas and bloating so often€,

    3. Thank you LeeLee, I appreciate your response. It helps to know I'm not imagining things or getting up up in mass hysteria!

      Initially we were required to wear the mask at work daily. Since then management made a way for us to work from home, which is much better.

      Yougwai also called it correctly. The flare-ups are much more frequent and must be stress related.

      I wish you well!

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