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Drugs to treat IBS

Have any of you been prescribed Duspatalin for IBS? Results? I have tried so many, none have really helped long term. Thank you,

  1. I haven't been prescribed this before, so I can't offer any insight. But I am sure others from the community will soon chime in. I hope you are feeling okay today and having minimal symptoms. Hugs, Elizabeth ( team member)

    1. I read this drug was prescribed for IBS sufferers with no side effects. I think I have taken everything prescribed and suggested OTC. This is new to me. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have taken Duspatalin. Today is a mild symptom day. Thank you!

      1. Glad you are having mild symptoms. I'm sure someone will be able to share about their experience with this drug with you. Best of luck, Elizabeth (team member)

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