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Does IBS makes you weaker than before?

Does anyone have allergies and felt like it got worst when having IBS? My vision went bad, I mean my eyes got tired and sore all the time and when my eyes got sore my head starts to hurt as well. I also have nose allergies, my nose got this burning sensation and usually along with the burning sensation of my eyes and nose comes with the head fever. But it never lasted for long, it stays for a bit then goes away.

  1. Oh man that's a double whammy! I've thankfully never experienced this. I hope you find some relief from when that happens! Cheers, Michaela ( Team Member)

    1. I have pretty severe allergies myself. I never thought about there possibly being a connection. With all the symptoms you are having I would consider reaching out to your doctor. There might be more going on to cause them. Keep us posted! Hugs - Shannon (team member)

      1. I learned recently that histamine intolerance causes diarrhea and gut problems among many other symptoms. That may not be your issue at all, and I am not "diagnosing", but maybe you could investigate "histamine intolerance" and see if you ever consistently react to high-histamine foods?
        If you discovered that you are histamine intolerant or strongly suspect you might be based on food diary evidence/symptom flares, you could present that to your doctor? If so, a natural enzyme replacement might help (Diamine oxidase enzyme.) Talk to your doctor about it perhaps?

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