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Does anyone feels like fainting?

I am diagnosed with IBS and I noticed a pattern, I get quite weak when I’m 2 or 1 week prior to having my period. I’ll be having my period in one week. I usually feel tired or my visions going burry from time to time but today I slept a bit then when I wake up to pee I feel a pulsing through my head, I was swayed to the right side and I felt like I’m going to faint. I want to throw up and I was panicking a bit. After that I still feel dizzy and unwell, the anxiety kicks in and I was overthinking badly. Is this due to emotional stress or just a random IBS attack? Maybe I did something to triggers it?

  1. Definitely talk to your doctor about this. When was the last time you had blood work done? You may be anemic or have another deficiency. Also, perhaps your are dehydrated? Do you drink water often? It's totally normal to get anxious. When you don't feel well and don't have answers as to why, getting anxious is a totally normal response. We all go through it. Big hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

    1. I am anemic, I’m taking iron supplements and vitamin complex but I only took 5mg per day because I’m always internally heating. Thank you for answering though!

    2. Of course. Always here to support. -Elizabeth (team member)

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