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Does anyone feels like fainting?

I am diagnosed with IBS and I noticed a pattern, I get quite weak when I’m 2 or 1 week prior to having my period. I’ll be having my period in one week. I usually feel tired or my visions going burry from time to time but today I slept a bit then when I wake up to pee I feel a pulsing through my head, I was swayed to the right side and I felt like I’m going to faint. I want to throw up and I was panicking a bit. After that I still feel dizzy and unwell, the anxiety kicks in and I was overthinking badly. Is this due to emotional stress or just a random IBS attack? Maybe I did something to triggers it?

  1. Definitely talk to your doctor about this. When was the last time you had blood work done? You may be anemic or have another deficiency. Also, perhaps your are dehydrated? Do you drink water often? It's totally normal to get anxious. When you don't feel well and don't have answers as to why, getting anxious is a totally normal response. We all go through it. Big hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

    1. I am anemic, I’m taking iron supplements and vitamin complex but I only took 5mg per day because I’m always internally heating. Thank you for answering though!

    2. Of course. Always here to support. -Elizabeth (team member)

  2. I sometimes feel very strange as if I might be close to feeling faint, during an IBS-D flare. In my case it's because they happen in the mornings when I have just woken up and am at my weakest anyway. Then the anxiety kicks in and I start getting so shaky like I've had way too much caffeine (which I haven't.) My heart races and I get a fading away sensation. How much is anxiety plain and simple, and how much is the natural reaction to the gut going haywire before I have even completely woken up....and how much is maybe a vagal spasm or incorrect breathing due to anxiety? I really do not know.

    All I have learned is just to get through each moment and cope, and try to relax (a bit of a joke, as "relaxing" is impossible under those circumstances) but I tell myself it's happened before, and slowly got a bit better and nothing happened that was super scary, so I will get through it again.
    Then I sip camomile tea with peppermint, and walk gently in the garden, or find some pleasant thing to try to distract myself, and endure the flare up until it passes.

    1. oh wow I have been getting that way to I start to panic that I'm dying or something but nothing happens I don't get why that happens to me every time I get up in the morning. and sometime times at night after I eat dinner I get that way too. I try to calm my self down with doing mediations in the morning and get on my computer and join some group talks or play games on my computer or go out side if I get real bad. thanks for writing on here now I feel better that I'm not going crazy or something and I'm not alone either .

  3. Sorry to hear that. Iron deficiency anemia is the reason for that as this is one of the symptoms of IBS. I am sure you are taking iron supplements. However, I am also anemic and lately, I have been following all herbal remedies. I am following for all my natural remedies and it is working out great. I am sure this will help

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, I'm so glad that you found something that works for you! Hope you're having a symptom-free day.
      - Karina (team member)

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