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Has anyone seen a functional doctor?

Has anyone seen a functional doctor for their ibs? I've been thinking about it. I know it can be costly since most don't take health insurance. If you have, how was your experience? Worth it?

  1. I have! And it was 100% worth it. I see a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and I also saw multiple functional doctors and they were all helpful. My NMD was my favorite though so I stuck with him. I absolutely recommend seeing one. Of course, do your research and find one with wonderful reviews, because just like anywhere else there are always bad apples. But in my opinion, it was through functional doctors that I got most results and they educated me too on how to keep my gut healthy. Diet and lifestyle are huge. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. I like the fact that they get to the root cause of the issues going on, and not try to mask the symptoms with a prescription. I want my body to heal, not continue to have the same problems with a medicine covering it up.

    2. Well said! -Elizabeth (team member)

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