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Dealing with the despair of a sudden explosion

I was going along on a winning trajectory ingesting Aloe Socatrina at intervals throughout the day, avoiding tomato and citrus, exercising on elliptical trainer, lifting weights every second day then BOOM while family member was in the bathroom. No warning just BOOM. Hadn't eaten anything controversial. No sharp pains, no whooshing guts just standing outside our one bath then BOOM.

It's so discouraging.

I had thought I was at long last getting better.

Back to black.

Back to trying to put the butterfly back together.

It's true that I experience less painful cramping with the aloe and that I at least know night time is the most dangerous time for me. But I had thought that I had more in control than this. Last night's explosion was a blow.

My GP clearly has not made the promised referral and even if she had followed through, what new info would another GI have for me? The medical establishment doesn't know nearly enough about IBS and they don't seem motivated to investigate.

Aside from learning more about the digestive process myself - ugh but ok - I am out of ideas and therefore hope.

  1. I can relate. There is nothing worse than feeling well and actually thinking: "wow, I may be kicking this finally" when all of a sudden you have an accident. I had two accidents in the past two weeks. Total bummers. I have been doing excellent and haven't had urgency in months. You really do feel hopeless as you clean yourself up and think that perhaps this will just always be this way. But don't lose hope! You aren't alone and improvement is always possible. -Elizabeth (team member)

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