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covid ibs

I think i might i have long covid with diarrhea issues. It's getting worse but i am not sure whether it's due to ibs being triggered by stress or the actual virus.
I read not to take Imodium if it is covid related which is upsetting as it's a usual go to for me.
Has anyone else had diarrhea with covid?

  1. I would imagine that if you are now technically clear of the virus, and what you have are "long Covid" symptoms, then imodium when really needed would be okay?
    But I stand to be corrected if anyone knows anything different. Do check with your doctor.

    During Covid, I had no gut issues, but I'd had some IBS-D symptoms just before it. Then for 6 weeks I had NO IBS! Bowel movements, gas, bloating pains, etc.....all normal.
    However, a couple of months after apparent recovery from Covid, my IBS started up again (no stress involved in my case) It hasn't completely gone away since, and that's 2 years ago. I am confused because I have no idea what happened there. Why better during Covid and for some weeks afterwards?? Yet why has IBS got more on-going and chronic since?

    I don't know in my own case, if it's long Covid, or something else. But I have been slightly better recently.

    There is a thing called "post infectious IBS", so maybe you have that?

    1. Thanks for the reply, the ibs is improving daily, well as much as it can do when i have ibs it is never normal. My ibs started many years ago from dysentery so it's post infectious anyway.
      6 weeks relief for you from ibs must have been wonderful, ibs is always confusing to me. Let's hope improvement continues for both of us.

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