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Constant pressure in left abdomen

Does anyone else have a constant everyday feeling of pressure or knot (not painful until needing to poop)in left side abdomen. It gets worse before a poop like it's in my colon. I've have ibs-d for 20 yrs and in the last year I'm more ibs-c but it goes back and forth. And I've never had this constant feeling until now. I'm just curious if anyone else has experience with it. Thanks

  1. I do get a feeling/sensation similar to the one you describe. Feels like a rock low down on the left in my belly and comes on about 4-5 hours after dinner in the evening.
    When I get that it can do the same thing for a few days on a run, or maybe even do that for a couple of weeks. Then mine disappears and comes back another time for no obvious reason. It just feels like I really need to pass a lot of wind, but even if I pass a bit it doesn't go away.
    Then for no reason I understand it goes and doesn't happen again for some time and it's been like that for at least 3 years. Same pattern.

    I don't know what it is. It may be just sensitivity going on down there, to normal amounts of gas? Because I never pass a heck of a lot and not like everyone is supposed to normally. But I usually let some out when getting up in the morning. Then...not a toot all day long So for some reason I think a "normal" amount of gas somehow gets stored up at times and just irritates.

    1. Thanks for the reply, Do you have constipation along with it?

      1. Hi , I don't have any personal experience with this kind of pressure, but have you asked your doctor about this or even done a colonoscopy, just to be sure?
        Karina (team member)

        1. Yes I have had several tests and colonoscopies over the years and they haven't diagnosed anything. I'm due for another colonoscopy next year since it's been 5 yrs. Thanks for asking

          1. Since they didn't find anything, I'm wondering if the pressure and pain you feel might be due to the brain-gut connection, in which case something like hypnotherapy could help? I did the Nerva program before and they mentioned that sometimes people with IBS can perceive pain or discomfort even when there's nothing abnormal going on. I'm going to link an article here:
            This is just an idea, I'm obviously not a doctor. Please let me know if this is helpful or not. Karina (team member)

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