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Can IBSD lead to other diseases such as Cancer

I have been having a flare up of IBSD going on 4 weeks now..It has taketaken over my the extent that I cannot leave my my stomach hurts all the time am scared to go to my Dr. Am thinking the worse...

  1. Hi ginnera1960,

    I'm so sorry to hear about this long lasting flare! I hope you're feeling better now. We actually have an article regarding IBS and cancer. As the article states, having IBS does not increase colon cancer risk or risk of developing other digestive disorders. You can read the full article here:

    As much as it might seem scary to inform your doctor, I highly encourage you to do so. Your doctor could point you to treatment options that might benefit you. Please keep us updated. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Chris, Team Member

    1. I have been in flare 6 weeks. Also had a test by my General doctor who tested for H Pilori I was positive but,my gastroenterologist said my symptoms are not of H Pilori didn't like my regular doc tested for it she did treat me I made 8 days on Pylera medication but,stopped a day ago due to horrible side affects. I'm still suffering nausea and, cramps but, my symptoms had gone away before the treatment of pylera medication. But now I suffer after starting the pylera medication I pray it calms down soon. My retest for H Pillori is in 4 weeks
      I'm sorry for your pain. Pray for relief for you soon.

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