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Can anxiety cause Ibs?

Has anyone else’s IBS started due to their anxiety? My doctor said this was the case for me but I suffer health anxiety so much I’m convinced it’s bowel cancer I’m only 25 so I really hope it’s not the case

  1. Anxiety can absolutely trigger IBS symptoms. It's my biggest trigger, too, and I get can a bad flare from just being anxious, even if I didn't eat any trigger foods. Once my anxiety calms down, I instantly feel better.
    Have you talked to your doctor about your fears? If this stresses you out so much, I would ask him to perform some tests to reassure you.
    Sending hugs, Karina (team member)

    1. Anxiety is my biggest trigger, by far! It turns my guts into an ocean and flushes it out my bum constantly. In those moments, I just try to breathe and remind myself that everything is going to be okay. I've been prescribed an anti-anxiety that will hopefully curb a lot of my issues overall. IBS symptom management would be a plus!

      Thank you so much for sharing. Wishing you a gentle day ~ Sawyer (team member)

      1. I'd love to know that, too! Have you ever taken medication for your anxiety and if yes, did it help with your IBS and migraine? Karina (team member)

      2. Seems like more and more of us experience migraine and IBS together! Hand in hand. To be honest, I can't tell if they've been working. I've been taking Bupropion for a couple months now and my doctor just upped my dosage. I hadn't felt as much of a change as I liked! I've found that my best options have been Imodium and magnesium supplements. I have noticed a tummy change since I first started taking them. At this point iit feels like vitamins are helping more than meds! How have you been handling your symptoms as of late? I'd highly recommend seeing a neurologist. They can tackle migraine as well as anxiety! A nice two-for-one special if I do say so myself.

        Wishing you a gentle and symptom-free day! ~ Sawyer (team member)

    2. I suffer with exactly the same issue. Not long ago my friend was diagnosed with bowel cancer and it made me so afraid and more conscious about my own health (in particular, my gut health). Gradually, this led my health anxiety and IBS to flare out of control. I had blood/stool tests done (which thankfully came back clear) but my fears never really went away. So anytime I feel anxiety and my IBS getting worse, I just have to refer back to my test results for reassurance. So if you haven’t, get some tests done for your piece of mind that everything is fine, and that your health anxiety is just your mind out of sync with your gut.

      1. That's a great tip, thank you so much for sharing! It's much better to get tests done than to keep worrying about something. I completely understand why your friend's diagnosis stressed you out so much, I would have the same reaction. How is your friend doing? And how are you feeling today? Sending hugs, Karina (team member)

    3. firstly, it’s great we have this forum and platform to share our thoughts, feeling and issues with IBS. I hope sharing my experiences and ways of trying to cope can help others. Thank you for asking about my friend. He is still on various types of treatment. We’re hoping and praying he can get through this. As for me, I’m generally doing fine apart from an IBS flare up over last couple of days. Fingers crossed I can ride this out sooner rather than later. Just sticking to a simple low FODMAP diet for now. Have a great day. Riz

      1. I really hope that your friend will get through this. And that your flare will be over very soon. I'm glad that you're enjoying this community. Hearing about other people's coping mechanisms and tips is always so helpful, and it also helps to know that others are going through something similar. Wishing you all the best, Karina (team member)

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