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BREAD and Chocolate

Does anyone else find that bread and/or dark chocolate can cause a flare up?

  1. Thanks for reaching out. Everyone is different and reacts differently but I hope that others here share their experiences with you. In addition to feedback you receive here and in addition to speaking with your doctor, these articles may be helpful: and Hope those help. Wishing you the best, Kelly, Team Member

    1. Thanks for your kindness and support

      1. How have you been feeling recently? I hope bread or chocolate haven't been giving you any trouble! Wishing you a gentle day ~ Sawyer ( team)

    2. I have been living off of bread( I am a texture eater and I love dough, I wish I could eat raw dough, I only eat white bread)honestly it is all I probably eat, but my GI told me carbs are bad because they can absorb water, and once they go through digestion may cause diarrhea. So I was told to come off bread. She suggested corn tortillas but they make me really sick.
      Since last month chocolate has been giving me heartburn, but I only eat enjoy life chocolate. I also started ibgrad last month so maybe that idwhy, but I normally am fine with chocolate as long as it is enjoy life brand.
      I hope this helps

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