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Bloating IBS-C

Does anyone know what our intestines and colon are undergoing when we are bloated? Is it inflammation? Flatulence? Irritation? I am just curious for a biological reason for the bloat? If it is gas, why won't Gas-X take care of it? If I pass a lot of gas and have a BM, I'm still bloated.

  1. Hi JudithAnn - thanks for posting! Bloating is typically caused by gas buildup in the large intestine or colon. As with any IBS treatment, what works for one might not work for someone else, so something like Gas-X may be ineffective. I thought I'd share this article with you that talks more about FODMAPs and how that can lead to bloating and distension: Hope this helps! - Chris, Team Member

    1. I have gas build up and nothing works, I barely eat and drink water which is not good but I have nothing 2 take.

      1. I bloat so bad I have to keep extra pants with me all the time if I don't already have them on. I bloat to the point of looking like a freak! Why does nothing help with bloating??? I am soooo sick of it.!!

        1. Hi julie61, Thank you for chiming in. So sorry that you are dealing with this. You are not alone here. Have you tried keeping a food journal to see if there is a connection between specific foods and your level of bloating? In addition to speaking with your doctor about your symptoms and what may help, this article has some tips that may be helpful: Wishing you some answers and relief soon. Best, Kelly, Team Member

      2. Hi- I've learned that simethicone (Gas-X) is an anti-foam agent. What it does is breaks up bubbles so that they consolidate into fewer, larger bubbles. Simethicone works by breaking the surface tension of bubbles, it doesn't do anything to the gas itself. So, for me at least, it is of limited value. My problem isn't bubbles, it's gas.

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