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Battling IBS without meds

I got IBS 11yrs ago when my gall bladder was removed. Eventually, I was sent to an internal medicine specialist who specializes in IBS & Crohn's disease.

This is where I got the official confirmation that it's IBS. This is also where I was finally told that it's not all in my head. IBS was explained like this to me:

"A study was done on patients with IBS and healthy patients. Doctors placed a balloon inside a part of the intestine in everyone and inflated it a little bit. Those who had IBS instantly felt agony when the balloon was inflated and the healthy patients had no idea that the balloon was inflated. You have IBS, so you are really sensitive and are aware of things that others wouldn't be. It's not all in your head."

We then proceeded to try medication after medication, with breaks after every two failed prescriptions. There are some meds that I was not even able to try due to my sensitive heart or an allergy to an ingredient.

Every medication we did try, either didn't work or caused nasty side effects on top of not working. Then came Buscopan, it was a game-changer. 1 pill would slow things in my intestines and 2 would stop them for the day. This made it so I could handle eating fresh foods in a restaurant and be able to travel to another city for specialist appointments. Unfortunately, there was some sort of issue that ended up happening and they were no longer able to make buscopan. I was prescribed the version before buscopan but it didn't work the same. After a couple of years, it got to the point where we had tried everything that was available for me to try and nothing worked. The specialist said that there was nothing he could currently do for me but to come back and see him if things get worse or I want to try very strong opioids. The couple of opioids I did try, did nothing and had nasty side effects.

That means, as of right now, there is no pharma pill that I take to help with my IBS or the pains I experience. The only thing that I have is medical marijuana and that keeps me out of the hospital and alive.

Is there anyone else out there who has tried all that they could for pharma meds and nothing worked?

  1. I was told the same story about the balloon. I've been to 10+ gastroenterologists and tried TONS of treatments and tests.
    Find my post through my profile. I'm undiagnosed for 8 years now and I listed everything I've tried. You should try those too.

    1. where do you live? if that pill helped you should find how to get more of that

    2. Canada. They don't make that medicine anymore, that's the only reason I stopped taking it.

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