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5-hydroxytryptophan - (5HTP) - any success stories?

Has anyone had success with adding this to their daily regimen?

I ran Across this article when doing research.

  1. Thanks for submitting this topic, prodgirl! While we wait for others to comment, I just wanted to chime in that I haven’t heard of this treatment option. Have you considered talking to your doctor about it? Looking forward to more discussion about it! – Chris, Team Member

    1. I did speak with my doctor yesterday, and her response was, “while I am wearing a white coat I cannot recommend or say no to this idea, however, I do not think it could hurt to try”

      Still no idea how to respond to that. She has been my doctor for about five years, and I’ve been happy. So just not sure where to take that?

      1. Hi Prodgirl, 5-HTP was one of the supplements I took as part of my treatment plan for SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) as it is thought to help stimulate motility in the gut. However, I don't know what specific impact this particular supplement had because the treatment plan was complex and occurred over many months.

        Perhaps it may be worthwhile seeking advice from another health professional that specialises in nutritional supplementation to determine whether it could be useful for you, or even discussing it again with your doctor for more clarification? It can also have some side effects and interact with some medication such as anti-depressants (more info here if needed

        - Hannah ( Team)

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