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My Fellow IBS Sufferers: I Need Your Help

Due to a currently undiagnosed medical condition which may or may not be yet another issue with my digestive system, my doctor has suggested a change in diet. As if my diet is not already a nightmare to navigate, I now have new demands.

The problem with the new dietary requirements is it seems most of them are triggers for my IBS. Because, of course, it is. Now I am stuck trying to find options that will not invoke a full-blown bout of trouble. This is why I need your help.

Eat your vegetables

My doctor has instructed me to eat more vegetables. The problem is that most vegetables are trigger foods. I would love to eat salads on a regular basis. However, I like not living in the bathroom, so I cannot do that. An increase in my intake of raw vegetables would mean an increase in potty breaks. No, thank you.

Even cooked, many vegetables give me fits. I do not think I can stomach day after day of plain potatoes no matter what form they are in. I can only eat so many potatoes. My tastebuds cannot take a steady supply, but it seems to be one vegetable that isn’t too troublesome as long as it isn’t fried in oil and dipped in ketchup. I also can’t smother them in butter, sour cream, and cheese. Basically, I’m stuck with mashed or creamed potatoes to keep me away from adding things that bother my IBS.

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Finding alternatives to taters

I really need ideas to add to my menu. Since I am hesitant to start trying to add more vegetables because I am scared of trying them, I need to know what you can tolerate. Tell me what vegetables bother you the least. Tell me how you prepare vegetables to keep them from bothering you. Share your secrets.

I truly am desperate to try to follow my doctor’s instructions. However, I would prefer to do it without having to move into my bathroom. While I realize that all of us are different and our food tolerances are different, I will feel more comfortable trying things that work for others. I realize that sounds odd, but I find comfort in knowing something works for others.

Tell me your favorite dishes

Do you have a casserole that does not bother you? Please share your recipe with me. Do you have a secret way of cooking corn that makes it tolerable for you? Oh, please, please, please share that one with me. If you have a recipe that magically makes broccoli or beans IBS-friendly, you will be my new best friend.

Help me out here. Tell me what you can eat and how you prepare it. Give me some ideas for new dishes to try. I am a bit desperate. I really do want to follow through with my doctor’s prescribed diet, but I absolutely cannot eat heaping helpings of potatoes day after day.

Desperate for dishes

My fellow IBS sufferers, I really do need your help. My doctor insists I need to increase the amount of vegetables I consume, and I need to find veggies that are not going to make me absolutely miserable. Please help me.

Dish out your recipes. Serve up some ideas. Whip up a list of your IBS-safe veggies. Did I say please? I am desperate for help.

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