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General Discussion

Vacation prep

  • By acneef

    My husband and I are going to Eastern Europe this year on vacation and would appreciate any tips on preparation so to minimize any IBS-D flare-ups.

  • By Sydney

    Hi, I don’t know if anxiety is a trigger for you but whenever I travel being organized and having lists helps me feel more in control. Also if you know any of the places you would like to visit you can go online and see if a map is available so you would know where to find a bathroom(I have done that for every concert I’ve gone to since the diagnosis and it had been a life saver) I hope you have fun on your trip.

  • By Marci Kallick Moderator

    Hi acneef,

    How exciting going to Europe! @sydney did a great job of sharing some valuable travel tips! If I could expand on this, I will add that some IBS-D sufferers find European foods to lessen their symptoms, as the farming and manufacturing of food there is very different from the United States. I, myself, found that while I cannot consume milk in the US, I can tolerate it fairly well in France (along with grains). I would also recommend packing foods with you that you can have for travel or days when you aren’t sure where you will be (ie- if you can tolerate nuts, health bars, etc). Although everyone responds to things differently…one thing that I find helps many (including myself) while traveling, is to fast during flights (if possible) and slowly add food in once you are situated in your new surroundings. Flights in general can cause gas/bloating/upset due to cabin pressure and possible travel stressors (and let’s not even talk about airline food! haha). Since this is a long flight, you possibly could eat a full meal at least an hour or more before take-off, then snack lightly when, and only when, you are hungry. Sipping on teas (non-caffeinated), water, and resting will allow you to arrive at your destination with a happy tummy and ready to explore Europe! By listening to your body and allowing yourself permission to take care of your needs (bathroom breaks, saying no to foods you know are not your friend, and resting when needed), you create an opportunity to help others support your needs and health. Most importantly…enjoy yourself! 🙂