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Much better with Fybogel

  • By Polly123

    I have recently had a lot of stress. This gave me constipation as my bowels felt screwed up, I got cramps and bloating. I also look after a 1 year old little boy whilst my daughter is at work, and lifting him created a strain in my left side which I attribute to my bowels, which worried me as I was unable to walk without it aching.

    Seeing my GP (I am 66) to talk about my issues he sent for bloods to be tested. He examined my tummy, and suggested I could have Diverticulitis…which really spooked me as it would have meant invasive examinations which one previous GP some time ago , when I went for bloating, actually said, cases have been known where people sometimes had there Bowels ruined by the procedure, so I was really scared.

    After my examination the GP sent me away with a prescription for Fybogel, which I started the same day. I can actually say, it has worked for me. I have stools that are much bulkier and easy to pass, and my tummy feels less bloated. The slight ache in my side has also gone, so I feel less stressed already.

    I had my results back that my Blood test was clear and did not show signs of Diverticulitis, which has made me feel happer. I did not think I was not having enough Fibre in my diet, so I would suggest trying this if you have constipation. I did get cramps with trapped wind, when I started taking it but a good poo was worth it..

  • By Chris Hall Keymaster

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Polly123. Really glad to hear your test came back negative for diverticulitis! I’m so glad you are feeling better from Fybogel. I’m sure the less bloated and less stressed feelings are welcome! Thanks again for taking the time to post here. – Chris, Team Member