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Monster mom. Evil "family"

  • By justahuman

    This evening, I went to the kitchen, thinking what to eat. My sister was there and also monster mom. I told my sister that what she is eating might cause her pain stomach. Now you see, my monster mom will look for any opportunity to make fun of me and to offend me regarding my IBS issues, and do you think she lost this opportunity this time? No… she started to talk nasty things as if it wasn’t directed toward me… “generally speaking” and of course I acted like nothing was going on… keeping my face frozen even when she sings about my bloating issues.
    In any case, this sister got to hear from me, that monster moms mentally abused me for several years (she also used to “play her part” and laughing about my Ibs issues….) this is just getting to sick but this is my reality, sad reality.
    Later on, when I went to sister’s room, I told her “See, what she did”? Then sister didn’t want to hear anything… she said, no “you’re wrong, that wasn’t directed at you” and I’m like OK, keep acting like you don’t know that it was directed toward me… to offend me…
    I live in a crazy sick world. But I’m strong, I’m strong against any devil that comes my way.

  • By tmholland Moderator


    I admire your resilience and strength. No one should have to put up with being verbally or emotionally abused, especially by a family member in their own house. You seem like you understand the situation and wish you the best of luck going forward. It might be a good idea to seek out a therapist or someone to talk to about all this if you haven’t already. Sometime these types of things take their toll without us truly realizing how much it has upset us. Remember this site and the people here are also a place for support. -Todd, Team