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General Discussion

First Colonostomy

  • By jadkin15

    It has taken four months BUT I finally had my procedure today. The months of anxiety and anticipation and thinking the absolute worst since my regular MD found blood in my stool. The results – everything was perfect and normal. So, it really is IBS-C and the blood was probably from inflammation. I’ve been on Amitiza for about three months and it took a good 7 weeks to get acclimated to it but it has worked wonders! Now, it’s just figuring out when, where, how and what to eat to be able to come off the Amitiza. Anyone have any good recipe suggestions for IBS-C?

  • By ldonne

    Hi @jadkin15,
    I’ve been experimenting with different foods in hoping to make my ibs-c more manageable. Over the last two weeks, having gone off easy iron pills, and introducing 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup shelled toasted sunflower seeds, no longer constipated. Was good for 2 weeks straight.

    Introduced the iron pills back, took them for 5 days, ibs-c starts again.

    I would suggest maybe trying sunflower seeds. They helped me.