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Colonoscopy Prep

  • By Bev5656

    Well here is my problem! All the doctors want me to get a colonoscopy and they just don’t understand that when I take a regular over the counter laxative and go to the bathroom three times my stomach is killing me. I have benetyl and it doesn’t really help when it is hurting that bad. I can’t imagine the pain I would be in with a full clean out and don’t know what to do. I have been putting off having one for that reason.

  • By jaeger91

    Hi Bev5656. My gastroenterologist lets me take a solution of Miralax and Gatorade and skip the laxatives because he knows the pain they cause me. As long as everything becomes clear enough for the colonoscopy to be able to be performed, he makes that accommodation for me. Maybe you can ask what your doctor would prescribe for you that would allow you to avoid the painful cramps. Good luck!

  • By Becky Oleson Moderator

    Hi Bev5656,
    I love the suggestion jaeger91 has offered here — hopefully you can talk with your doctor and they will make the same accommodation for you. If not, I find that when dealing with difficult, painful experiences, if I tell myself “this is temporary, this is temporary” during the worst parts, somehow it helps me to get through. I hope you’ll decide to follow through with the colonoscopy. Your health is so important, and hopefully the peace of mind will make it all worth it. Good luck! -Becky, team member