Started Strict FODMAP Yesterday

Started Strict Fodmap Yesterday

I have been dealing with IBS-C for 10 years. The only medical help I get is medication for pain. So, I am going for broke and doing a strict Fodmap. Fortunately over the years, I have discovered many of my triggers. All my favorite foods I might add! However, as I am getting older, my stamina is fading and my life is controlled by this disorder. In other words, it decides when I go out, exercise, socialize, eat, sleep. You get it. So, I have tossed my kitchen food and carefully restocked with organic, whole foods that fall within the Fodmap group. I will keep you posted on how this diet effects IBS so that others may learn some new tricks. I look forward to any input from those of you who have tried this. It is day 2 and I am hungry but very nauseous. I realize it will take time and will push past this.

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  • norman66
    2 years ago

    I used to be on Imodium and was always anxious about when I would have to go. Then I got on FODMAP. I found it easy to follow. I am now approximately 70% improved. Thank heavens for FODMAP!

  • Chris Hall moderator
    2 years ago

    That’s so great to hear, norman66! That is some great progress. We’d love to hear your story about your experiences! If you’re feeling up to it, you can follow this link ( for your story to be published on our site, just like this one! Thanks for taking the time to comment. – Chris, Team Member

  • ollivier71
    2 years ago

    Hi !
    I’ve just re started the low FODMAP diet.
    I tried once, months ago but I stopped because I had to go to restaurants, dinners with friends… So I decided to start again and what I can say, is that I feel really better.
    This diet allows you to discover foods your gut doesn’t tolerate. Most people know some food they already avoid, but thanks to this diet, You can also discover some of the foods you may have removed from your diet but that you finally tolerate.
    I’ve noticed that every gap you can do, you won’t feel the effect at the moment, but probably in the next 48 or 72 hours.

    I feel better with this diet than with any medication.

    I’ll try to continue, to know better what I can eat and what I should avoid.

    I’m so tired of my IBS D symptoms that I’m very motivated !

  • Chris Hall moderator
    2 years ago

    I’m cheering you on behind the computer screen, Jandes! Thank you for taking the time to share your story. Oftentimes, taking the huge initial step to make this change is the hardest. It will take diligence to stick to your new plan, but you can do it! Definitely keep us updated on your progress! – Chris, Team Member

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