Started Strict Fodmap Yesterday

I have been dealing with IBS-C for 10 years. The only medical help I get is medication for pain. So, I am going for broke and doing a strict Fodmap. Fortunately over the years, I have discovered many of my triggers. All my favorite foods I might add! However, as I am getting older, my stamina is fading and my life is controlled by this disorder. In other words, it decides when I go out, exercise, socialize, eat, sleep. You get it. So, I have tossed my kitchen food and carefully restocked with organic, whole foods that fall within the Fodmap group. I will keep you posted on how this diet effects IBS so that others may learn some new tricks. I look forward to any input from those of you who have tried this. It is day 2 and I am hungry but very nauseous. I realize it will take time and will push past this.

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