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IBS or not IBS: that is the question (for you!)

My daily, chronic abdominal pain started in December 2018 after 3 rounds of antibiotics prescribed for a cough that would not clear. Turns out the cough was caused by my blood pressure medication, so that changed.... but then the chronic pain, constipation, sometimes diarrhea, oily stools, then daily nausea (no vomiting) added to the mix. I have had blood tests, CT scans, liver scans, a colonoscopy and... all clear.

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I was tested and treated for SIBO - methane and hydrogen, but didn’t feel any better after those antibiotics.

Questioning IBS diagnosis

My gastro says IBS but I am not convinced because I can’t seem to find info that this is each and every day, sometimes all day and all night. Not much makes it better, but it often comes and goes after eating and digestion.

I am currently trying pancrease MT enzymes to see if those help, but after a week there is no change. I am on a host of drugs for motility and gut spasms and nausea, and they add side effects to the mix. I have been off work on LTD for over a year.

Trying a new naturopathic clinic now and a new doctor wants me tested for CDiff.

So, what are your thoughts? I am done.

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