Post-Infectious IBS

I wonder if I always had some digestive issues. My mom says as a baby I could puke across the room. And I’ve always had problems with constipation. But the real trouble started after a Giardia infection. Giardia is a parasite that is normally picked up from contaminated water. I have NO idea where I got it. My doctor treated it with antibiotics and the parasite went away but the abdominal pain and GI symptoms did not. I went through so many tests, CT scan, ultrasounds, upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, HIDA scan...thank God all were normal, so the doc said post infectious IBS. I dealt with months of not feeling well, careful diet, probiotics and finally started to feel more myself again. Until a couple months later I got the flu and was prescribed Tamiflu. Then I got pneumonia and was prescribed antibiotics. A few weeks later sinusitis and was prescribed more antibiotics.....the abdominal pain came back. Diarrhea while on the antibiotics and for a short time after, and now back to constipation. Upper abdominal pain and discomfort, gassy feeling but gas doesn’t come out, bloated feeling, just generally don’t feel good. :(

I can’t relate my symptoms to food because I feel like most of the time lately I don’t feel good, regardless of what I eat. I used to be so socially active, always on the go. Now I just want to go to bed. I just really want to feel good again.

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