My journey with no map


Never in a million years did I expect to be where I am today. I've always had control of my life, effectively managing my home, family, and career. Today as I reflect back on where I was to where I'm at today, I can tell you that my life went in a 360 degree complete opposite direction and it took 5 yrs to wake up and say 'wait what is happening?'

It first started out me thinking bad food, food poisoning, severe cramps, endless diarrhea, and my gosh I was so tired .. within 6 months I found myself divorced, loss of job, and so depressed I really didn't care anymore. Oh and did I mention sick, and losing control of my bodily functions and thoughts by the minute. I knew I needed help!

Three years ago I finally found a gastro doc I could relate to and he can relate to what I'm trying to explain. If you have IBS or in my case Colitis.. (yea I'm still confused over colitis vs ibs) .. finding a doctor that will listen and help piece it back together has been my lifesaver.

I've learned that I can't control the disease but I can learn to live with it .. yes this was hard for me knowing there's no shot or pill to cure your ails, but consistently managing your diet to your stress level. .. which I struggle with daily. I have found that the cookie cutter approach doesn't work with IBS, and for us ladies I will say get your gyno involved too. When Menopause hits watch out ladies 'fair warning' it's gonna get really tough for a while .. (geez I wish I had known this )! Hot sweats to just being full of inflammation leads to some pretty severe sweats and so sick at your stomach your just not sure if you will make it. And I hate to mention ladies, I really went a little insane with frustration over not being able to control my body anymore!

My advice is to get your doctors aligned together! I actually have four very caring physicians on my team now ..My Primary, Gastro, Gyno, and my favorite is my talk therapist (no drugs) who keeps me calm and thinking straight on what my next action to get back to health and get back a quality of life I haven't had for five years.

We all have been on that road trip with no map and no direction! Been lost, got back on track to get lost again. One thing is we always reflect back and on these trips as humorous and that even though we were lost we did find our way again!

Hold tight my friends and dig deep! I know it's tough and some days are gonna be down right mean to you, but don't give up on yourself! We do matter

Stay Happy and Healthy

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