IBS - C and D

I have had IBS for about 44 years. I was diagnosed with a spastic colon when I was about 21 years old. My IBS has gotten worse as I got older. Every GI doctor has confirmed after a colonoscopy that I have IBS. I have tried different diets including avoiding dairy and a gluten free diet. The doctors I saw all say they don't believe my IBS is triggered by foods and they discovered this after seeing my food journal. The last doctor I saw suggested I go on Prozac and I don't know if it would help my condition and don't believe in taking lots of prescriptions. I'm already on a few other medications for different illnesses. I did try Amitriptyline in the past and at first it seemed to help and then it didn't. It seems to be that way with all new treatments. I have tried peppermint oil pills, enzymes, and probiotics at high doses, and I'm sure some other treatments I can't recall right now. This whole situation makes me depressed at times. I am willing to try any treatment but prefer alternative medicine rather than conventional types because they only mask the problem.

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