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Last updated: July 2019

Every day I keep hoping the bloating and pain will be gone. But no! No matter what I do. Gastro prescribes Linzess for Ibs-d. Go figure. But two days blocked I start on Linzess until beyond evacuation into total explosive diarrhea with no energy. Then stop the Linzess a few days. Vicious cycle. Try everything I read about. Just ordered HOLIGOS. Check it out. Tell me what you think. Didn’t get it yet. Been using Country Life GUT and I do notice a tiny improvement but hard to say. I just want the bloating to go away.

Whatever I eat or don’t eat makes very little difference. Of course I don’t eat crazy non FODMAP prescribed foods but even so. Hunger gives me pain and so does eating. Hate the lack of energy. Can’t even do yoga without pain. Muscles hurt and I’m fit! Not overweight and a dancer. So no other conditions, other than being 73 and this IBS has been in flare up on and off for about 5 years. Very frustrated with gastros. Kind of don’t know what to do anymore. No energy to travel, go out to dinner, take a dance class, have a drink with a friend. Nada! Just work and home. HELP!!!

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