Over 50 years with IBS

Over 50 years with IBS

MY FIRST BOUT WITH IBS, started when I was about 16 years old. I never paid attention to my bowel habits, but one day I just had extreme pain in my belly and I had to say something to my parents. My mom called the Doctor, and was able to get me in quickly. After checking me out, and putting a stethoscope on my belly, the Doctor told my mom that I HAD CONSTIPATION. He told her to get some Metamucil and we went home and I TOOK it. Within a SHORT TIME, I heard (and felt) gurgling in my stomach. I went to the bathroom and went and went and went. I thought all was fine. I have struggled with this problem all my adult life. Sometimes one thing works and next time it doesn't. I've had every test and every prescribed medication ever made for this problem. They work for a while, and then they don't. Stress makes this problem worse, for sure some foods I can't eat, for a time and then I CAN. I have to schedule everything around my problem BUT, LUCKILY, I have been able to live a fairly normal life. I still go on vacations, but I HAVE TO PLAN FOR PROBLEMS. The only thing that has constantly worked for me, every time is a natural product called Cascara Sagrada, made by Nature's way. I've been on this product for about 6 years or so. No bad side effects- thus far. I stay away from most meat except chicken, turkey and fish, and eat veggies AND FRUIT (although they DO cause bloat). Linzess costs me a fortune, and it didn't work that well. I also used to take Amitiza AND Zelnorm. Both only gave me partial relief. The deal is - never give up trying to find something that works, and realizing that something that works today may not work tomorrow.

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