The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Spotlight: Pets and Health

In February we’re shining a spotlight on pets and the health benefits of pet ownership! Did you know that February 20, 2017 is #LoveYourPetDay? Of course, cuddling with a cat, dog or any other animal can help you feel better. Even watching funny pet videos online can help you have a good laugh when you're feeling down. But there are also actual benefits to pet ownership!

Living with IBS isn't easy; and for some, taking care of a pet might be a daunting and difficult task. But for others, owning a pet might might be a distraction from IBS and might even help you feel better! This month we’re providing information on:

  1. How pets can affect your health
  2. Things to consider when owning a pet
  3. How to care for your pet when you aren’t feeling your best

If you #LoveYourPet, we’ve got something for you to check out. And not to worry if you don’t have a pet! We’d still love to hear what helps you feel better!

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The Power of Pets

By Becky Oleson - January 30, 2017
I’ve never been much of a cat person, and for years, I wasn’t fond of many dogs, either. But my feelings about animals changed when my husband and daughter brought home a daschund 14 years ago.

Why Don't You Just Get a Pet

By Todd Holland - February 6, 2017
One of the most overlooked ways of managing illness of any kind is the thought of providing a pet with a loving home.

Pets Give Unconditional Acceptance That’s Hard To Get Elsewhere

By Glenda Bishop - February 13, 2017
When you have IBS, it’s easy to feel isolated, misunderstood and judged by the people around you.

Stella: The Dog That Saved My Life

By Todd Holland - February 12, 2017
I don’t like to tell this story. It’s very personal and brings up a lot of very strong feelings.

More articles coming soon. Stay tuned!

How have your pets made your life easier? Share your story with the community.

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Pets and Health

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