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Pets and Health

This month we’re talking about how pets can affect or help IBS. If you have a pet, tell us how your pet helps you cope with your IBS. Don’t have a pet? Then tell us what comforts you when you aren’t feeling so great.

  1. I have my best Bud Maxford Samuel Howard . German Shepherd, He's soon to be ten and he suffers from fatty pancreas.. yes he's got GI issues too .. sometimes I think he gets his flares from me and vs versus .. Max lays at my feet by my bed and takes each step with me as we always have restroom issues .. so together we excercise daily by walking , we watch all our foods together of what are we eating.. I never leave his side and he doesn't leave mine .. he's my ❤and listens to me and lays his head on my lap when we are both feeling down.. I go to his dr spots and he hates when he has to stay behind when I go .. he's my constant

    1. Hi Cindyj,

      That's an awesome name for your German Shepard! We're so glad that you have such a solid companion, and that you both find comfort in each other when symptoms arise for both of you. Thank you so much for sharing.

      Chris, Team Member

      1. Pets can be a therapy in psychological ways, sometime they're like human. They understand what you feel and they know how to make you smile.

        1. That's so true, Harlapht! What kind of pet do you have? - Chris, Team Member

      2. I have three cats hat all like to lay down with me when I am having problems. I have found that having them around helps to ease some of the tension of the pain. My little black cat Bagheera likes to lay on my chest and rest her paws on my abdomen. My black/brown/red cat Tinker likes to lay on my hips, sending her heat through and helping to relax the muscles. My calico Baby likes to lay next to me so I can pet her. They will come see me at any time, and seem to know when I'm having problems. They are a huge help!

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