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Why Don't You Just Get A Pet?

One of the most overlooked ways of managing illness of any kind is the thought of providing a pet with a loving home. Not only are you providing one of God's blessed creatures with a comfortable, happy place to spend it's days, but you are rewarded with the attention, affection and love that only a pet can provide. Before you run to the shelter or pet store (I prefer shelter for a variety of obvious reasons), you need to consider what type of furry friend is best for you and your current physical, emotional and mental condition.

I am not a dog person.

I love dogs and have had a couple in my time, but the fact of the matter is that I am not the type that has a lot of down time. As far as pets go, dogs tend to be the most like people. They require a lot of attention, care, training and exercise. If you cannot care for the dog in the way that it needs, it is best to consider other options. The reverse side is that if you are willing to make the commitment to the canine of your choice, the reward is that you will have actually added a family member to your household. They will be your best friend or they will want to be. They will love you unconditionally and more often than not, will know when you are not feeling well and come to your rescue. I should say that I lost my dog a couple of years ago and I never knew I could love an animal that much.

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I am a cat person.

I have had a cat or cats since I left my folk's place after high school. Cats are crazy and very cool. You never know what they’re thinking. Cats are super interesting and can take care of themselves for the most part. Yes, there’s the litter box and food and water and the eccentric behavior, but they will be YOURS. Cats will come to you when you least expect it for some love time. The basic act of petting a cat, or any other PET, for that matter will make a grey sky blue. You will feel needed and connected. You will stop worrying about yourself for a little while and this, in my humble opinion, is an excellent way to relieve pain. So perhaps a cat is in your future and…perhaps not.

A good friend of mine loves reptiles. They were here passion, iguanas, snakes, little lizards I know not the name of…but she loved them. They were her friends and she got as much pleasure from them as my girlfriend gets from her dogs and I do with my cats. Point is, don’t limit yourself. What type of person are you? What’s your match? I had a guinea pig as an adult…don’t tell anyone, but I did. I loved my little Berto and he didn’t require much in the way of care for the most part. Realizing the therapeutic and emotional value a pet can add to your life is really something you should consider. I’m glad I did and I think you will, too.

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