Severe Bloating and How to Alleviate It

Let’s face it: If you have IBS chances are you suffer from constant bloating. And can we all agree, that no one likes being bloated? I know I don’t!

There are times where I literally can look 6 months pregnant and no there is no baby in my stomach. Nope, not even close. Just a bunch of gas, and food gurgling in my stomach and stool that is dying to pass through me. How attractive.

Sometimes the bloat can get so severe that you have no choice but to lay down and hope for it to pass. There was a time where after I would eat, I couldn’t do any activity afterward. I had to lay down, try and pass gas, and just pray that it would subside a bit. Even nausea would hit me hard at times from how uncomfortable I would feel.

Countless times I would tell my Gastroenterologist what I was experiencing but I was never paid much attention to it. Yes, there are over-the-counter medicines that claim to help, but they mostly just left me feeling worse.

Tips to alleviate IBS bloat

So over time, I came up with ways to help alleviate the bloat. Here are some tips that may help:

Assume the position

This is an easy way to help ease the bloat. Try laying on your left side with your right knee towards your chest and left leg extended. This usually helps with allowing your body to pass some gas.

Same with this next position. I nick-named it “The Volcano Position.” Basically, plop yourself on the floor and start out by getting on all fours. Then put your forearms on the floor so that your buttocks end up being in the air. Stay here for a couple of minutes and you should have some relief. It works for me all the time.

Peppermint essential oil

This is my go-to for bloat. I use a high-quality therapeutic essential oil that is meant for topical application. I apply the oil to my abdomen and I immediately end up feeling better.  Just a side note, if you are interested in using this method. Make sure the oil you buy is meant to be applied topically, as not all oils are. And of course, always speak to your doctor before trying something new.

Diet change

This is a big one. By working with a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, I discovered that grains, dairy, and processed sugar were causing me to bloat. When I exclude these foods from my diet I feel my best and have zero bloat. Diet is really the driving factor when it comes to bloating, for me personally at least. So staying devoted to a strict diet is what works best.


I have found that when I am on a daily regimen of probiotics, my bloating also decreases. As we all know, probiotics are good bacteria for your gut and if you replenish your gut with good bacteria, the bloat will subside.

Check for SIBO

This is major. Of course, everyone is different, just because you have major bloating doesn’t mean you have SIBO. But! It is absolutely worth being tested for if you suffer from severe bloating. I was one of the lucky ones that tested positive for SIBO. I was tested by my NMD via muscle testing and also found that along with SIBO, I had yeast overgrowth and some parasites!  How lovely, right? I was given supplements to kill all the critters and in a couple of weeks my bloating was gone and I felt brand new.

What other things do you do to help relieve the bloat? Share below, we love to hear from you.

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