Picnic Blues: The Ribs That Tore Me Down

Oh boy, SUMMER’S HERE! And what does that mean? Lot’s of BBQ’s, picnics, holidays, swim parties… Why is it that I get the feeling that people with IBS don’t feel the unadulterated joy that ‘regular’ folks have with the onset of summer? Because we have plenty to consider. Hot dogs, beer, BBQ Ribs, Bratwurst, Deviled Eggs, Pickled Eggs, Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, Potato Chips, BEER…need I go on? We will talk more about the minefield that summer has in store for us IBSers as Summertime Rolls. I would just like to share a little anecdote about my first taste of summer. It’s good that sometimes I have no self-control. You all get to benefit from the ridiculous stories of my hedonism.

I knew I was in big trouble

MEMORIAL DAY…picnic. As soon as my sister said they were having people over and that my brother-in-law would be working the smoker from dawn to dusk, I knew I was in big trouble. I’ve been eating rice and SOLUBLE FIBER for most of the last several months. Yes, my brother-in-law bought a SMOKER, so that he could bring out the most tasty, juiciest meat products under the sun. I have not eaten much meat other than chicken and fish for a good while now and when I heard we were having RIBS, my heart sank. If you MADE me pick my favorite food, I’d choose BBQ ribs. I didn’t even make an effort to prepare a meal for myself to take to the picnic (this had been my plan before the news of the ribs). Nope, I decided I was going to take the day off from IBS and DO WHAT I WANTED. If you’ve read any of my other articles, you will find that this happens, probably a little too often. I always get back on the horse, but I have fallen HARD several time since my IBS diagnosis.

My brother-in-law was indeed out tending the meat…ALL DAY. What he was doing exactly, I’m not sure, but when he arrived at the dinner tables with a tray of ribs that were literally piled to the sky, my first thought was ‘today I will dine like a King!' Like bring me the MEAT, man. I dug in. First, lot’s o' ribs. Potato salad, chips, baked beans (yes…I had baked beans), olives stuffed with different types of cheese, corn bread, green beans and bacon. I could actually hear my stomach screaming. Well, when dinner was over and we were having our COFFEE, the cheesecake came out... Might as well finish what I started.

The rest is history. I’m sure I don’t need to get into the sordid details of my next couple of days. Spanish Inquisition PAIN. I hurt…and this was the first picnic of the season. Anyhoo, I’m going camping this weekend and have already packed MY FOOD. I think I can do better this time. I think I can…I think I can…I think I can…

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