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A man with his hand on his chin and a thoughtful expression looks curiously at a blueprint he is imagining, featuring specific bathroom appliances and cleaning items.

What The Perfect IBS-Friendly Bathroom Would Look Like

One thing I want to manifest in my future is building my dream home. And, when that happens (remember, I’m manifesting it), I’m without a doubt going to build the best IBS-friendly bathroom one will ever see and that best suits me. In fact, not only will I build my own personal IBS-friendly bathroom, but I will have multiple bathrooms in case I can’t make it in time to my own personal one. Yes, I do plan on having a big home one day. One can dream, right? Nonetheless, if I could build the most ideal IBS-friendly bathroom today, I’ll share some of the essentials I would include and why.

My wishlist includes a bidet

One of the biggest essentials in my dream IBS-friendly bathroom would be to have a bidet. In fact, I would have both a toilet and a separate bidet-toilet on the side, as many have in Europe, as opposed to a bidet-extension on a toilet. The reason for this is because it would give me peace of mind that I’m not accidentally dirtying the bidet that is connected to the toilet. I would feel much at ease if I had a separate appliance solely for cleaning my bum.

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I’ll be honest, I’ve never used a bidet before. However, I’ve done my fair research and I’ve read great reviews. Thus, I considered that having a bidet is possibly one of the most effective ways to clean your bum after a bowel movement other than taking a bath or shower. It would also probably reduce the inflammation and ease the pain of hemorrhoids. Toilet paper alone just doesn’t cut it, in my opinion.

IBS essentials

Some other IBS essentials I would include in my dream IBS-friendly bathroom include:

  • A hidden drawer within arm’s reach of the toilet that is stocked with flushable wipes and toilet paper. I want to feel like I will never run out of necessities.
  • Heated floors so that my feet can stay warm while I sit on the toilet for an hour.
  • A shower, a very large bathtub, and a jacuzzi to have options that will help me get clean, but, most importantly, destress as well.
  • A closet full of clean clothes, pajamas, socks, underwear, and bathrobes in case I have an accident on my old clothes that I was wearing.
  • Of course, a cabinet full of hemorrhoid cream because I do suffer from hemorrhoids.
  • Obviously, a cabinet full of cleaning supplies to help maintain the cleanliness of my toilet and overall bathroom. No one wants a dirty bathroom, let alone toilet.
  • Scented toilet spray, air freshener, and candles to maintain a level fresh clean air.

If my budget were endless

Now, if the budget was endless (which it’s not, but I like to dream), I’d add even more luxurious items to enhance my experience in my dream bathroom. This includes a lower back massager attached to my toilet, anti-bacterial memory foam toilet seat cushion, a smart TV on the wall with Netflix and Amazon Prime to watch my shows, an adjustable height footstool with foot massagers, and a septic system that can handle more than just one flushable wipe at a time!

The list can go on and on, but I think you folks get the picture. My dream IBS-friendly bathroom does not have to be the coolest or most luxurious, although that would be nice. Instead, it should be the most conducive to my health and bring me the most comfort since I spend a lot of time in there.

What would your ideal IBS-friendly bathroom have and why? Thanks for reading and I look forward to your responses.

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