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Sorry, But I Need My Own Bathroom

Having irritable bowel syndrome makes it very difficult for me to be patient when it comes to having to use the toilet. For instance, have you ever been in a situation where you’re in someone else’s home and you urgently need to use their bathroom, but someone is already using it? “I’ll be right out,” the person inside always says.

For most people, simply waiting a few more minutes won’t hurt, but for me, I’m literally sweating in agonizing pain and the longer I wait the more likely something horrific will happen. Doesn’t that suck? Or how about another similar situation when you’re traveling with a group of friends and decide to share a hotel room with them? Good luck using the bathroom when or as long as you need to! Unfortunately, when I have to “go”, 9 times out of 10, I ­must go and there can be no stopping me. Thus, I feel I just need my own designated bathroom no matter what the occasion is. This may sound high maintenance to some, but if you continue reading you’ll understand.

Traveling with others

One of the hardest things for me to do while having irritable bowel syndrome is traveling with others. I have done it many times and I always find it a challenge for quite a few reasons, like the sleep accommodations or even sleep schedule. However, the most important and obvious reason I want to touch on here is usually at some point there becomes an issue when it comes to the bathroom.

For instance, sometimes I use the bathroom at odd hours of the night and for a long time due to my IBS, which is something I can’t always help. This makes me self-conscious especially when sharing a small hotel room. I feel like I’m disturbing everyone’s sleep with my incessant flushing, among other strange noises that come from my bathroom visit. However, it makes it even more difficult for others to understand my situation when they have to use the toilet too. And trust, I’d understand if I were in their shoes, but it still doesn’t stop it from being slight if not incredibly annoying.

I much prefer to just get my own room if or when I travel with others for the sake of having peace of mind and managing my condition to my standards. Also, to be quite honest, IBS has embarrassing aspects to it that I rather not make obvious to just anyone and rather keep to myself or those I’m really comfortable with.

Spending the night at other people’s homes

I find spending the night at other people's homes a challenge as well due to my IBS. For instance, one time my wife and I went to visit her friend in Maryland and unfortunately, he didn’t keep his bathroom as clean as I would have liked and hoped. I hardly felt comfortable sitting on the toilet, to say the least, and being uncomfortable makes my IBS flare up even worse. In fact, it makes it almost impossible to “go” at all.

I’ve had quite a few similar unpleasant experiences on other occasions while spending the night at someone’s home while on vacation, and I just don’t find it conducive to my health. I feel like that almost sounds selfish, entitled, or judgmental, which is far from my intention. Unfortunately, I just need a certain level of comfort and accommodation when it comes to my IBS because I tend to have a regimen (or ritual) in the bathroom that I can’t have others interfere with.

It’s more of a matter of doing what works best for me. And, if I were to stay at someone else’s home, the likelihood of them getting in the way of me properly managing my condition is quite high. Please keep in mind, I’m mainly speaking from experience.

I need my own toilet because of my IBS

In conclusion, I need special accommodations when it comes to my condition. I can’t help that I have these most-of-the-time necessary requirements due to my IBS, but I do. I find them necessary because they allow me to properly manage my chronic condition. I also find it essential for me to have my own bathroom because I don’t want to feel any pressure of having to rush when I’m not finished, all because someone else needs me to. Due to my condition, I make sure not to overstress myself, and that also means taking my time. Therefore, I rather do what’s best for me even if it means going the extra mile or spending the extra coin.

How do you feel about using other people’s bathrooms or sharing bathrooms while traveling? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section, I’d love to hear your perspectives as well!

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