Unpredictability of IBS

We can all agree that IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) not only causes problems, but arguably, the characteristic I hate the most is its unpredictability.

Whenever I feel that it’s finally going better, that I found a balance, that somehow what’s in my control and the outside world collide in making me feel better, IBS returns.

It is incredibly frustrating for those who are control freaks like me.

Unpredictability of IBS

I try not to worry because worrying only worsen the symptoms, but it is SO hard. It doesn’t matter how busy I am, or how many other things I have on my mind. My thought always goes to IBS.

Every morning I find myself thinking: “I feel great today! I haven’t been painfully bloated in a while, could I wear my good jeans?”. I always end up wearing ugly comfy pants that are IBS-friendly. Hence, do I manifest my IBS?

It makes me feel like I can never get distracted because “BOOM!” once I feel good, it just jumps overbearingly into my life. Every single time I have to start from scratch with a strict low-FODMAP diet. One day I feel like a Victoria’s Secret model and the day after like a whale. There’s nothing in between.

Others with IBS

Do you ever wonder if someone around you is feeling the same? Sometimes I find myself observing people around me wondering if they have IBS, or just what’s their story.

If, when they are sitting on the train, they are afraid of a flare-up or they are in unbearable pain? God knows how afraid I am to have to rush to the restroom while traveling by public transport.

I wonder how many of us there are out there. How many are petrified of the idea of having a bad episode during an important meeting or a major event? It feels sad to say, but it is a soothing thought for me, as it makes me feel less lonely.

Worrying about events with IBS

What annoys me the most is that sometimes I allow IBS to ruin my special moments. For instance, I will attend a wedding soon in the Italian hills. It will be a VIP event with 3 days of dinners/drinks/parties in a castle, with a black tie dress code.

When I read the invitation I got so thrilled, it will be unforgettable. The thrill soon gave way to the worry.

I worry that I will not fit in the beautiful (and overpriced!) dress that I bought for the occasion. The fact that I will be away from home, hence, no routine and regular food. The social pressure I will face in such a formal environment, while I’m an introvert.

The event is months away and the unpredictability of IBS is already mining my chance to have fun and enjoy such a unique and awaited moment.

Staying present

Living here and now is the only solution to avoid this sick mentality. Worrying about something that might never happen is deleterious. Therefore, our mental health, mental balance, and self-forgiveness are the absolute priority to feel better, even when it comes to IBS.

Deep breaths, meditation, a walk in nature, everything that gives peace of mind is what matters the most to not let IBS ruin our future.

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