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Relieving IBS Pain: The Power of Music

While music is not actually a pain reliever, it is a distraction from the pain. The distraction often provides a decent bit of relief for me because it allows me to ignore pain. Perhaps it works for you, too.

I find that real pain relief for IBS is pretty much nonexistent. Nothing works. There is no treatment that prevents or consistently relieves the symptoms of my IBS-M. I am just out here trying to get through each miserable day on my own. How do I do that?

Getting angry with hardcore tunes

Sometimes I am angry about all of it. I get angry that I cannot eat or have to fast to leave the house. I get angry that I watch others eat while I am starving. Every part of it just makes me angry some days.

On those days, I like to listen to hard rock and rap. I listen to music that echoes how I feel. Tunes filled with angst mirrors my internal struggle, and it makes me feel better. Expressing emotion in a healthy way helps me sort out my feelings. I get it all out and the distraction helps me forget about the pain.

Hyping it up with party picks

Some days I do not feel any particular emotion. I am not angry or sad. I just need a distraction to take my mind off the gnawing pain in my gut.

Hip hop and pop usually top my playlist on those days. I listen to songs with a lot of energy and feel-good vibes. Mentally, it keeps me in a happy place. I find it energizing and it serves as a great distraction.

Down and out tunes on down days

Like one of my favorite artists says, "Sad songs say so much." I like to listen to sad songs on days where I am having my own personal pity party. This may seem counterproductive when I am trying to distract myself from pain, but it works.

On the days when I am wondering why I have to deal with IBS and all of its problems, I like to listen to sad songs. It is the same as playing angry tunes. It allows me to express my emotions in a healthy way. Holding in emotion only increases my stress level and makes things worse. Through music, I get it all out and stay distracted from the pain.

Musical pain relief: My results

Music allows me to focus on emotional and mental health while helping me ignore physical symptoms and pain. It does not always work because sometimes the pain is too great to ignore. However, I have found it works for me more often than not.

I know we have all heard sayings about music taming the savage beast and soothing the soul. It helps tame my anger and it helps bring me out of a pity party, so I would agree. It works for me, and having any kind of pain relief is a very good thing.

Distractions make a difference

Even though it is merely a distraction from the pain and not actual pain relief, it works for me. It feels akin to pain relief because I can ignore some of the minor cramps by focusing on something else.

Perhaps music is your distraction. Maybe you have another distraction. I would love to hear how you take your mind off IBS-related pain.

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