Medicating IBS-M Did Not Work Again

I know better. I know that trying to treat symptoms in IBS-M usually leads to the opposite symptoms. Still, I was so desperate for relief that I threw caution to the wind and gave it another go. That was a terrible mistake.

After enjoying a brief vacation from IBS flares, I was met with a horrible bout that was truly giving me fits. It was sheer desperation for relief that led me to try medication once more. I regret it. Maybe I really learned my lesson this time.

Trying to find relief from a flare

An IBS-D flare was dragging on for some time, and my symptoms were getting to be more than I could handle. Years ago, my IBS was primarily IBS-D. I found some relief by taking antispasmodic medication. It eased my pain, and I did not seem to be running for the bathroom all the time. It was nice.

I was so very tired of hurting and being unable to leave home that I decided to try taking an antispasmodic again. I took 1 pill - just 1. The cramps eased and I was able to relax a bit. The urgency was not nearly as bad as before. I thought I was going to be okay, so I took a second pill the next day. That was a terrible idea.

The consequence of treating an IBS-M flare

Somewhere along the way, my IBS changed to IBS-M. These alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation made it impossible to treat. If I treated diarrhea, I ended up constipated. If I treated constipation, I would find myself practically living in the bathroom for a while.

I remember how well an antispasmodic treated my cramps years ago. It did help with that, and it also took away the urgency and stopped excessive diarrhea. I was very happy about that. Two days later, my celebration ended. All it took was 2 pills. Just 2 pills put my digestive system on strike.

Dealing with an IBS-C flare

Days go by, and I am unable to go. Once again, I am miserable. The difference is I have learned my lesson again and know better than to try to treat the symptoms. It will just lead to a different type of flare. Waiting out a flare is no fun, but I have no other choice. That is what I am doing now, and it is not fun. I regret trying medication again.

An IBS-C flare can quickly turn into an IBS-D flare. That is how my IBS-C flares end. I do not get a brief vacation from symptoms after a bout of constipation. It turns to IBS-D suddenly and without warning. Then it sticks around for several days to several weeks. I am currently waiting for that flip.

Treating IBS-M does not work for me

There is no effective treatment for IBS-M. I can treat the symptoms, but there is no medication designed to prevent both types of flares. Treating one typically results in the other, so there is no reason to try treating symptoms. All I can do is ride out each flare and hope for the best.

Are you frustrated by the lack of treatment options for IBS-M? Have you found an effective way to treat your symptoms? I would love to hear about your experience treating IBS-M.

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