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Last updated: June 2018


It's happened to many of us: you've just finished getting dressed, you're packed to go, and you're excited for the day ahead. And then, it hits. You feel the grumble, you whimper though the jolt of electric pain in your stomach. Your IBS is acting up and the symptoms are unbearable. There go your plans.

Cancelled plans

Whether its travel, a simple road trip, or just a friendly visit, making plans is a tricky beast when you suffer from IBS. Our symptoms always seem to appear at the most inopportune time.  We feel defeated. We've lost out on yet another adventure, party, or conversation with a friend. Often we feel guilty for breaking promises, messing with plans, and cancelling trips. Sometimes we feel angry. We scream at the world and ask, 'why?' Why me? Why now?

It's easy to get angry. To yell, to cry, to give up. But we must remember that IBS does not -or at least should not -control our lives. Try to remain calm. Stay flexible and ready to change your plans last minute. Try not to blame yourself or feel guilty about the situation. Talk to your friends and family; let your loved ones know that you may need to cancel plans or change your travel times due to your symptoms. Don't give up entirely. There is a way to have a life and live with IBS.

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