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IBS & Toxic Relationships

As we all know, stress is the one of the worst things for anyone suffering with IBS. Whether it be stress from work, school, or even your personal relationships. Some things we almost have to suffer through, such as work stress, every day life stressors, school, or whatever it may be. One thing that I've learned that we do have an option about, is who we spend our time with. Sometimes we find ourselves in toxic relationships that cause extra stress in our lives. Sometimes, people in our lives can cause unneeded stress that we wouldn't have if they weren't in our lives. Whether that stress be emotional, physical or mental, this stress can do a number on us, and our IBS. Whether that person be a toxic friend, family member, co-worker, it may be best for your health to eliminate this person from your everyday life. That's not even to say that the person is a bad person, or that you can't still stay in contact with them, but sometimes people aren't compatible in a relationship, and the stress is just too much to be around them day in and day out.

Can a toxic relationship affect IBS?

If you have a toxic relationship in your life, have you noticed that your IBS symptoms have increased, especially when you're around that person? Maybe you find yourself tensing up your stomach whenever you talk to them or see them. Maybe they give you anxiety, which is causing your IBS symptoms. Whatever it may be, I would suggest having a talk with the person that you have found toxic in your life. If they are willing to work with you to become less toxic, great! See if this works and your IBS symptoms subside. If they are not willing to change and work with you to become less toxic within your relationship, I would suggest reevaluating that relationship all together. It may seem hard at first, but you, and your IBS, will thank you! You'll be surprised how much your symptoms improve when you are in a state of calmness in your life.

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