IBS MEANS... Friendship


Nothing says life-long-friend like passing toilet paper under the stall.

Listen, having IBS sucks, but attempting to deal with it all alone can be unbearable. In this first installment of IBS MEANS... I decided to remind everyone that having supportive friends and family is a must when dealing with the seemingly endless symptoms of IBS. I'm not suggesting that you need a bathroom-buddy 24/7, or that you should post bathroom selfies on social media. I simply want you to consider staying open and communicative with those around you. IBS should not be a secret. IBS should not be hidden. I'm sure that I don't need to tell you the mental strife that builds up when we deal with symptoms alone. We fear our symptoms. We become hermits, afraid to leave the house. We suffer in silence. And worst of all, we fear what others might think of us.

So, let me take this moment to say this: we need to keep talking about physical and mental health. We must be open about our experiences -if not for ourselves, then for the hundreds of other men and women that deal with these issues on their own. Keep talking, keep sharing, keep communicating with loved ones and friends, and please, keep an open mind. Who knows, maybe the next person you meet in the stall beside you will turn into a lasting friendship.  Because, after all, IBS MEANS... friendship.

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