Tips for Managing IBS in the Summer

Living in Florida can be challenging with the intense humidity and high temperatures. And dealing with IBS isn’t helpful. Heat and IBS symptoms don’t tend to mix well so I thought I would share some tips on how to manage IBS during the summer season.

Stay hydrated

This is obvious, but it has to be said. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the summer. Perhaps it is just me, but if I get dehydrated my IBS acts up. My bowels are very much in tune with my level of hydration. If I start to dehydrate, I get nauseous and the it will erupt IBS symptoms.

Be sure to always have water on hand. It is smart to put a pinch of sea salt in your water or use an electrolyte powder for better hydration. I use the brand Ultima Replenisher and highly recommend it.

Make time to cool down, don’t over heat

This might seem obvious too but sometimes we need a friendly reminder. Don’t let yourself overheat in the sun. If you happen to be outside for example at a sporting event, or beach day; if the temperature is sweltering, make sure you go inside into air conditioning for 20 minutes or so to cool down. Again, overheating can cause IBS symptoms to activate.

If you are profusely sweating and your cheeks are rosy, take it as a sign for a break.  Find AC even if it means going to your car and blasting the air for 20 minutes.  Overheating is never a good thing in general and neither for IBS.

Eat a nutritious diet

Making sure you are satiated is a good way to stay comfortable in the heat. Your body has the proper nutrients to acclimate to the intense weather. Have a good breakfast every morning. Stay hydrated. Supplement with high quality supplements if you are deficient in anything. Feed your body high quality nutritious foods.

Say no

Don’t be afraid to say no. If you are flaring for example and get invited to an event outside during the day. Don’t be afraid to say no. We have to prioritize our health and the summer season can be hard on our bodies. IBS is tricky as it is, but add uncomfortable heat and the situation can be bleak.

Be on your side. If you are in a flare, don’t put yourself in an environment that is uncomfortable. Politely say no and save yourself from a day of unnecessary suffering. Remember that saying no is okay.

Use sunscreen and shade

Always apply sunscreen when you are out in the sun, and be smart about taking breaks in the shade. Bring an umbrella with you to help and again, if you see a place of shade to escape to, utilize it.

Plan ahead

Overall, make sure you plan ahead. A day in the sun is taxing. Make sure you have water, access to shade and air conditioning for breaks. Eat a proper meal. Dress in proper clothing that is light and breathable. Know where bathrooms are. Summer is fun and with a little planning you can enjoy even if IBS.

How about you? How do you manage the summer season with IBS? Share below. We love to hear from you.

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