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5 Tips for Attending Formal Events During an IBS Flare

The excitement of attending a formal gala or black-tie wedding is always high, especially if you are into fashion. What will I wear? How will I do my hair? Should I get my make-up done? I wonder if my heels will work with this new dress…

We all have that one event either once a year or every couple of years that requires formal attire. And whether you care about fashion or not, typically we are excited to be invited and excited to join.

Unfortunately, that excitement can quickly turn into stress once the realization of how complicated IBS can turn things into. Especially if you are in a flare around the time you are to show up to the ball, stress can certainly peak extra high, making symptoms even worse.

Tips for attending formal events with IBS

Well, because I have had quite some years under my belt dealing with IBS and formal events, I thought I would share a couple of tips:

1. Pace yourself

This is especially important. I don’t know about you, but when I am in an IBS flare, I deal with a lot of fatigue. My energy levels are just not where they should be. So with that in mind, it is extra important to be organized in how you manage yourself the day of the event.

Try not to leave every single beauty errand for the day of. What I mean by that is the following: let’s say you want to straighten your hair for the event. I would suggest doing that the day before so it still looks fresh the next day, and all you have to do is touch up the day of. This will save you time and energy.

Another example is if you are getting your nails, hair, or even make-up done, don’t put those appointments on all the day of. You will stress yourself out and in turn, your IBS will act up majorly. So organize yourself and make sure you schedule just the right amount so that you are fresh and ready to go for your party.

2. Avoid light colors

Again, just speaking from experience, if you are flaring and have to wear a dress of your choice, try to steer away from light colors. Even if you are attending a spring wedding, try and pick a dress that perhaps has a busy pattern just in case you were to have an accident, God forbid.

3. Wear shorts

Another tip, if you are to wear a dress, I would suggest tight workout shorts underneath. It keeps your underwear more in place and if you decide to wear a pad for extra protection or even Depends (if you have a full skirt), this will make you feel more comfortable and more protected.

4. Choose a proper style of dress

Speaking of a full skirt, I highly recommend staying away from skin-tight silhouettes. Why do that to yourself? If you are experiencing symptoms, anything tight is just asking for a bad time. Try and wear something that isn’t light in color like mentioned above, and that has a full skirt, or at least has flow in the skirt. This way, you can wear tight shorts underneath and feel more comfortable if anything unexpected with symptoms were to happen.

5. Bring an emergency kit

And lastly, this is so important. Tucked in your purse, make sure you have the essentials. A clean pair of underwear, extra pads, wipes, and a small bottle of Poo-Pourri. It is so important to always be prepared for bathroom visits during your time out, and with this little emergency kit, your anxiety will lessen knowing that you are prepared.

What tips do you have for those attending formal events during an IBS flare? Share below!

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