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When You are Incapacitated

I have mentioned in previous articles that I have three stomach issues that I deal with. Based on comments from members of this site, I know that I am by far, not the only one with this problem. I struggle with IBS, ulcers and gastritis. My tummy is a mess. I work very hard to manage each and every one of my issues, but sometimes they gang up on me and a very bad thing happens. I become incapacitated. Literally. The malaise, the muscle aches, the back troubles, spasms in my stomach and the usual issues that go along with IBS, gastritis and ulcers. Burning stomach lining from the gastritis, gnawing pain with the ulcers, and diarrhea and constipation from the IBS. Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.

Feeling helpless

As the days past, you start wondering how long you won’t be able to function. You start to worry about taking care of your family, getting to work, attending events, birthday parties, sporting events. You wonder if you are ever going to be able to go on. You feel HOPELESS. When hopeless comes along, that’s when you need to start to worry. Instead of just laying there, waiting to die, make a move…directly to your doctor. They will check your blood pressure, your pulse. They will do blood pressure. Hell, they hooked me up to the EKG machine when I went last week. Guess what? This will do one of two things. It will either pinpoint a problem that may be contributing to your pain OR they will find nothing. This is actually good. Even though you may still feel like crap, you know that your body is just reacting to all the nasty stuff happening in your belly. My doctor doesn’t see this as surprising at all. The body is fighting to get you back to status quo. Your body is fighting to get you healthy. When the body is fighting this hard, it will take a toll on your immune system. This means weakness, aches, pains and poor mood. But it will pass. For me, this type of attack lasts between three and seven days. I tell you what, once we pass day three, I really just want to give up. I am doing everything possible to help myself. I am taking my medication, I am eating a special diet, icing the pain, heating the pain and drinking cleansing teas. I practice meditation, aromatherapy and try to make myself as comfortable as possible. Yet, the feeling of helplessness does not pass. It’s like living in a tunnel.

How to find your way out of the helpless feeling

This type of feeling is simply not cool. The fact that so many of us have to deal with it, well, sucks. Point being, is that is will pass if there is nothing seriously wrong outside of our stomach issues. That’s why the doctor trip is important. Just as a final thought, my doctor suggested that I try to do some light exercise and get some sunlight when I was feeling this way. He made it very clear that he understood it was the last thing I wanted to do. But I did it and he was right. I felt better for a little while after the movement. Perhaps you can find your own way out of the ‘pit.’ I hope you can, I know you can.

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