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Tired Of Daily Flares

My digestive system has had a good couple of months lately. Of course, I have had some bad flares and several mild ones during this time. But most days, I was able to stay pretty much flare-free. Unfortunately, this didn’t last. I don’t even know why I’m disappointed: it never does.

Getting my hopes up during IBS flare-free times

Whenever I have a decent period IBS-wise, I secretly start hoping this could be it. Maybe I finally figured out a routine that works. Maybe I ultimately eliminated all my triggers. Even though my digestion is never quite normal, I can live with a few additional bathroom trips if they don’t cause urgency, pain, or discomfort.

Every time I think I’ve managed IBS, it comes back with a vengeance. It’s extremely irritating and frustrating.

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The returns of mild flares every day

My recent bout of IBS didn’t seem all that bad in the beginning. It didn’t bring these horrible, stomach-flu-like flares that I so dread. Instead, it mostly consists of mild symptoms and many bathroom trips in the evening.

I don’t even feel that miserable. My symptoms aren’t severe and are mostly uncomfortable and annoying. And yet, experiencing them repeatedly, every day without fail, is slowly taking a toll.

Daily repetition makes it worse

Every night, when my toddler and baby are finally both asleep, I hope to read a book and go to bed early. Every night I go back to the bathroom again and again until it’s past midnight and I’m just dying of fatigue.

Instead of resting, I’m forced to deal with my flare until I feel well enough to turn off the lights. Despite wishing I could catch up on some sleep, I have to stay awake for hours and then get up early the next morning.

I hate not being able to enjoy my free time. I hate feeling so tired and unable to go to bed. It wouldn’t be as bad if it was just an occasional occurrence, but it literally happens every single day.

There’s nothing I can do

For some reason, I cannot figure out what’s causing these flares. Maybe it’s the chocolate I can’t keep myself from eating - although the symptoms still appear when I only have a tiny piece. Possibly, it’s the fact that I’m a bit stressed at the moment. I honestly don’t know, and it’s driving me crazy to be stuck in this endless cycle of flares and fatigue.

The only thing I can do is remind myself that this too shall pass. In my personal experience, bouts of IBS tend to come and go. Sometimes, I’m feeling terrible for months on end. Other times, I barely have any symptoms at all for long periods of time. All there is to do is hope that I’ll get some of my evenings back soon. And hopefully, I’ll also be able to get a good night’s sleep.

Do you have any experience with such mild but repetitive types of flares? I’d love it if you could share your experience!

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