CBD Oil Massage for IBS

Last updated: June 2018

I have mentioned in the past that I am open to trying anything that might be beneficial for the treatment of my IBS. I have tried hypnosis (did not work for me, might for you), acupuncture (good results, can’t afford), herbal treatments and balms (hit or miss) and different types of therapies (for another time). Since I don’t and haven’t made much money for the last few years, I have not really had the extra finances for regular (or even A) massage. Luckily, I recently made a friend who is a professional masseuse. I mentioned offhand that I suffer with some stomach problems (some stomach problems! Ha!) and she said she had heard that CBD oil works wonders for stomach issues and that she had been giving her sick friend CBD massages. Well…I was on board, since it was free, so allow me to share my review of the experience.

CBD oil has helped my bathroom problems

Let me begin by saying that I realize not everyone can afford massages. They are a luxury and expensive. I know that if I read an article about a CBD Oil massage a year ago, my reaction would be, ‘Well aren’t YOU lucky?’ So, don’t feel bad if this won’t work for you financially, there are certainly tons of other self-care options for IBS that don’t cost much. That all said, I’ve had four massages over the last six weeks. The extreme relaxation and feeling of wellbeing is a lot like a good workout. You feel FANTASTIC for a couple of hours and then that feeling wears off. However, the CBD oil has a deep penetrating effect that seems to help those good feelings last a lot longer, into the next few days even. I noticed after about two weeks that my IBS symptoms were extraordinarily mild and I felt about as close to ‘normal’ as I had since my diagnosis. Now, keep in mind, I also happen to be doing quite well RIGHT NOW with my diet, exercise and mental health. So, perhaps all these things combined have contributed to my overall wellness. I just know that since beginning the massages, the bathroom problems have gotten much better. Not cured, just better.

Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel as though the CBD oil massages are really helping my digestive symptoms particularly. I don’t feel like my body is fighting with itself all the time and because of this, my anxiety and worry about the condition in general has subsided. So, I guess I’m saying it might be something to look into at very least. I will continue with the experiment and hope that this is not placebo. It’s easy to fall into the trap of the ‘miracle cure.’  Listen to your body and try to be as honest with yourself as possible. This is where a good journal may be helpful, so you can monitor your daily wellbeing or not so wellbeing. So far, so good I would have to say though. Do some research, there are several studies on the internet about the benefits of CBD oil for IBS. I tend to stay away from talking too much about ‘medical’ findings as…umm…I’m not a doctor. Good luck to you.

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