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Does anyone else with IBS-C have abnormal vaginal bleeding when they experience IBS exacerbations?

I have noticed weird bleeding, and not from where I'd expect. This happens when I haven't been able to really empty my bowels for a few weeks and pressure feels really built up. I went to my gynecologist for a checkup and he didn't see anything abnormal physically and chalked it up to "it happens sometimes". I have been on the same birth control for years and have not ever had irregular spotting. I am also not even supposed to get my period. This looks more like normal blood than a period. I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it to try again with the same doctor or give it a shot with a different one, since this isn't normal and there seems to be a pattern.

  1. Hi Cscience,

    Thanks for reaching out (and sorry for the delayed reply)! If you have any abnormal symptoms, we always encourage you to speak with your doctor about it (even if you feel like you're repeating yourself). Abnormal bleeding is definitely something you'd want to get checked out, though there definitely can be a connection to monthly periods and increased bleeding with IBS flare-ups. Here's an article that discusses this topic: Because you mentioned that you're not supposed to get your period, we strongly recommend bringing this up again with your doctor (or getting a second opinion with another doctor). Your concerns are valid, and you deserve to have someone who will listen and respond to your concerns...especially if you're concerned. You know your body best, so it's important to raise the flag if this is something you're troubled about. Good luck, and please keep us posted! -Becky, Team

    1. Hi! Yes, I’ve noticed when I have bad intestinal cramps from IBS, I tend to have spotting the next day, and it’s in the middle of my cycle. I haven’t found the link between the two, but it has happened to me on multiple occasions.

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