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Someone needs to speak about IBS or chrons or any related illness more. This is my first time here. In the past two weeks I’ve lost over a stone. I’ve had extreme abdominal pains over and over again. I’ve tried to go gym and Sweat it out. But also spent a week in bed. I’ve upset my work and also been upset by work. Purely because it’s not spoke about enough or at all. No one can blame anyone for not understanding. For two weeks I’ve had one mouthful of food that’s caused me enough distress to never want to eat again. I’ve felt fine for 5 mins and thought I was ok to work or do things… and I was wrong. Ibs effects youre brain. youre fatigue. You get brain fog which means getting dizzy etc. You get severe tummy pains. Anxiety. This two weeks I’ve cried each and everyday. I’ve had chest pains due to excess acid and air. But don’t worry you say you have ibs no one cares. I can’t sleep And the stress makes it all worse. So let’s talk about it. Mental illness is finally being discussed as a disease let’s talk about stomach problems without the prejudice, not only have I cried most days but I’ve been scared. Yes it’s great handing not one but two specimens over to the receptionist through a window because of covid. Don’t worry about the anxiety in that! The added stress of work etc damn pile that in. Which causes all symptoms to become worse. 👍 it’s all there in the internet peeps let’s read about it to work places, friends, family etc can support rather than get mad or just not get it.

  1. I’m having a bad ibs-c flare as I write this.... it’s horrible to have. Only foods I’ve been eating is soups and boiled potatoes.... the cramping in my upper region is bad enough for me not wanting to anything... I’m 61 years old and I’ve been having this since I was a young girl.. the older I get the worse it gets... the anxiety and panic attacks are not fun either..

    1. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. I hope you find some relief soon from your symptoms. Times like these are when it's most important to take care of yourself. I wish you the best.-Michaela ( Team Member)

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